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Artistic Direction + Choreography: Andrea Peña

Performers: Jean-Benoit Labrecque, Frédérique Rodier

Lighting Design: Hugo Dalphond

Composer: Debbie Doe

Visual Artist: Antonio Della Guardia (Naples)

Dramaturge: Mathieu Leroux

Creation Funded by Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Quebec and Canada Arts Council. 

Production Partners: Teatro Nuovo (Naples), Rum för Dans, Baerum Kulturhus, Agora de la Danse



REPLICA explores the physical positions and patterns of bodily behaviors that we have taken up since the introduction of these digital selves, and how they are shaped by digital culture. Patterns of physical gestures and movement behaviors (aka digital choreographies) that are embedded in tangible and digital landscapes of self. How are we obsessed with notions of replicating bodies from the ways bodies were replicated in sculptures and frescoes in the renaissance to how bodies are continuously being replicated in the digital sphere today.

What choreographies exist in normative digital positions  >  How are we entangled in a constant composition of “borrowing the replica of someone else's digital body”  >  How has this constant digital performativity within socio-cultural norms, shaped our future notion of body and physical embodiment  >  How has the notion of replica been present in our representation of the body from the renaissance until our post-industrial era today  >  

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