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PHI Center X Shared Studios X AP&A = International portal performances

PER(FORMING) DIGITAL INTIMACIES Montreal x Mexico | Ede | Berlin Experimental performance

Within the four walls of the portal, two strangers are guided by a coded algorithm to generate action-reaction choreographies between participants. This series examines the possibilities of human intimacy through the intervention of technology and code. Personal anecdotal gestures are transformed into choreographies between a human- human- machine interaction.

“At the beginning, in the context of my project, I observed the two people placed in the portal and they were almost in a state of fragility. A computer asks them very personal questions as they find themselves in front of a stranger. But then, maybe because the algorithm is saying things that they don't understand, people start to bypass the questions and they realize that they are together getting around something artificial.

Even something as simple as “ What did she say? ” Makes them realize that they are together in their humanity. I think that's when the openness starts to be felt inside the portal and this really intimate bond begins to form between the participants. ”

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